Dear Ones,

It’s been nearly a year of taking a break from coaching.

What happened in this year? It has become increasingly clear to me that as coaches, teachers or guides, we can only guide others as far as we have gone. Of course it doesn’t mean I can guide you to go to the park around the corner or to another country. We can only guide others as far as we have gone within our own Being. It is nearly like the coach-client, or teacher-student relationship acts as a mirror of where we currently are in our own evolutionary journey.

I wasn’t aware of this when it became clear last year that I didn’t want to coach anyone or teach anything. I just knew I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t time. Like winter is not the time for flowers to grow, but for nature to rest and reset, for some parts of nature it is even the time to die.

For a while I was restless, I wanted to know whether this would be merely a break of some weeks or maybe some months? In the end I had to recognize that if we consciously choose to flow with nature and the harmony of life, we have to surrender our own ideas, projections and goals. It means stepping into the unknown.

Without sharing in detail what has changed in my life, I want to simply share with you what has changed in the way I approach coaching and life in general:

  • Our goals and desires are changeful. Working on these will only give temporary satisfaction if you are not clear on who and what you are.
  • Our experience of life is coloured by our beliefs, conditioning, our perception of ourselves and other. But who we are, our essence, is beyond this. More than changing your beliefs, the treasure is in finding out what is there before belief.

This is very much aligned in what, in western scientific terms is called humanistic psychology – we don’t look at anything objectively, but through the eyes of the one who is experiencing.

So, to cut a long story short, I am offering coaching sessions again. I feel the perception and presence has deepened, and it will be interesting to see how coaching sessions develop in this new space.

Coaching takes place at my coaching room in Hamburg-Ottensen or via Skype. Sessions are 1 hour and cost 65 Euro. Appointments can be booked via mobile +49 176 567 29355 or email Coaching is available in English and German.