What is coaching?

There are many ways to define coaching – not to mention the overlap to other disciplines such as mentoring or counselling. For me coaching is not about “self-optimisation” or even achieving goals – but to ultimately to uncover a deeper space within yourself from which you live your life.

Every person and every coach are different – even every time that we meet will be different. Here are a few things to think about when considering whether I am the right coach for you.

I coach in a humanistic, person-centred tradition. What does that mean? I am not here to give you advice or tell you what to do. I believe strongly, that we all hold the solutions inside of us and that change is most powerful and lasting when it comes from within ourselves. You can expect to be given an open, non-judgemental, supportive space to explore whatever it is that you are dealing with – I can help you find the resources within yourself, but I cannot do the work for you.

Other elements I use in my coaching

  • Positive Psychology Interventions
  • Strengths-based and solution-focused coaching
  • Meditations and visualisations
  • Creative coaching techniques such as drawing, unpacking your handbag, timelines, writing

My commitment to coaching

  • continued personal development and coaching supervision
  • full confidentiality (with certain exceptions, for example where there is possible harm to your or others)

Your commitment as a coachee

  • To attend coaching sessions as agreed
  • To select topics for discussion

If you are interested to find out what a coaching session might be like, give me a call and I can answer your questions.