Janna Meditation RishikeshI teach meditation in the ancient Vedic tradition – this could simply be an awareness meditation, or meditations using certain styles of breathing, visualisations or sometimes Yantras (sacred images) or Mantras (sacred chants).

I have been certified by Oneness University (Andra Pradesh, India), as an Advanced Oneness Trainer, and have been guiding meditation and spiritual courses since 2010 in various locations around the world, including Australia, Asia and Europe.

I have been fortunate to learn from many great teachers during the time I spent in India and other places around the world. I am very committed to my own meditation practice and spiritual journey and know the many, many challenges we can encounter along the way.

In addition, due to studying an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, I am familiar with the scientific research of mindfulness and meditation and the many benefits it provides.

However, based on my personal experience and my personal journey, I know that meditation or mindfulness practice is ultimately not a set of statistics or something “that makes you happy”. It’s a deep journey into our own Being, a journey that can be challenging to take on by yourself and where you might benefit from having a teacher or guide.

“We’re ultimately all just walking each other home.”